Unlike Acrylic Prints, you can display metal prints outside in the harshest weather conditions. End Result? Sophistication and Elegance!

For a contemporary style, photographs on aluminum is ideal. Unlike Acrylic Prints, the outcome is a matte versus the shiny gloss, allowing for stark contours and rich colours. However, if you enjoy the glossy look, we offer a special varnish to make that happen! We offer two specific options.

Brush Metal – The “brushed pattern”. Areas of your photos left white will show as brushed.

Other colours will show with a brushed undertone. The matte look.
White Metal – For vivid colors and a high contrast ratio.

Both are printed on Dibond which is polyethylene in the middle and aluminum panels on the outside. It creates a durable, rigid, 3/16 inch substrate that transforms your digital photos. Unlike Acrylic Prints, you can display metal prints outside in the harshest weather conditions. End Result? Sophistication and Elegance! We can print custom sizes up to 60 by 120 inches.

Customize your Print

All of our custom art prints are made to order. Here is where you will the options to configure your print exactly how you want it.

Once you have configured it to your specifications, click “add to cart” to proceed with your purchase. Have questions? Contact us.

Display Options

There are three display options to choose from. Having trouble deciding? Our most popular request is the float-off the wall option in 1/8-inch Acrylic. It enables a strong support especially for large pieces.

Standoff Option

Four brushed standoff screws, once drilled are used to secure the print to the wall.

metal standoff frame

Float Option

A block fastened to the back of the art print floats it off the wall by a distance of one inch.

metal float

Float Frame Option

Your art print is mounted to the wall by floating in a traditional black frame.

metal float frame

Metal Box Option

Your art print’s design wraps around a metal box and is hung to the wall.

Asset 1

Image Options

For a contemporary style, photographs on aluminum is ideal. Unlike Acrylic Prints, the outcome is a matte versus the shiny gloss, allowing for stark contours and rich colours. However, if you enjoy the glossy look, we offer a special varnish to make that happen!

We offer two specific options:

White metal

For vivid colors and a high contrast ratio.


Brushed Metal

A textured, brushed metal for a distinct look.


White Metal + Gloss Varnish


Brushed Metal + Gloss Varnish

    • Printed on dibond Metal Panels
    • Available in brushed and white metal
    • Varnish available for extra gloss
    • For files larger then 75 megs or if downloader not working please send here. For Larger files confirm PO number and send smaller image in the upload image default below. If downloader down just confirm what you wish to produce.
    • Custom sizes available
    • Call us 877-234-4466 anytime if you need assistance
    • Do you print directly on the Metal?
      With this medium me print on the front of the metal.
    • What is the different between white and brushed metal?
      Brushed has a pattern on it and more matted effect, white has better color contrast
    • How thick is the metal?
      The metal is 3/16 thick
    • Can you do custom Sizes?
      Yes, If you do not see the size you want listed on the page give us a call or email and we will be able to create a custom size for you, We can print up To 90-48 inches.
    • How long will my acrylic last?
      At least 30 years even in the direct sunlight
    • When will my Metal Arrive?
      On average it takes 10-14 working days for your product to arrive.
    • Can the metal be hung outside?
      Yes the metal can withstand all weather climates
  • We love helping customers. Do you have any questions or concerns about your custom art print? Contact us and we will be happy to provide a free consultation.

  • Where does Big Acrylic ship to?

    We ship anywhere in the world.

    Can you offer a blind or drop shipment?

    Yes, we can do both.

    How much does shipping cost?

    It varies depending on print, weight, and size and ranges between 14.00 up until 125.00 (see shipping chart below).

    All of our products are shipped in packaging foam to make sure they arrive in the same perfect condition they were dispatched. If, for some reason you suspect mishandling of your order, contact us immediately.

  • Please send your files in .jpeg, .tiff, .eps, or .pdf files.

    The size ratios available are 4:3, 3:2, 5:4, square, and panoramic. Custom sizes are available upon request.

    The largest sizes we currently offer 60-96 and 40-120 inches. are

    If you are unsure about the quality, ratio, or resolution of your image or photograph, please call or fill out a consultation form. We enjoy speaking with our clients and are here to assist and facilitate the outcome of your print – whether through our sophisticated image analysis and enlarging programs or free editing services.


Questions or comments? Unsure of which product is right for you? Click here.

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Acrylic Prints

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Large Acrylic Prints are far more luminous compared to alternatives. Your colors will be more vivid and glossy with a higher contrast resolution. We often compare acrylic prints to high definition T.V, yet in a photograph. Images are printed directly onto glass panels which enables us to capture a plethora of colors. Acrylic prints are offered in a variety of thickness and display options and will rock your walls. Custom acrylic print sizes available all the way to 60 by 90 inches.

Acrylic Lite

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With Acrylic Lite we print on photo paper then glaze the acrylic over it. The end result is a light, chic, modern piece of art. It is designed for those who desire a more organic method of printing images on paper but want the look and feel of a Facemount solution at affordable prices. Colors are rich and with tremendous color accuracy. Acrylic lite prints are available in a two different thickness and display options, with sizing ranging up to 48 by 96 inches.

Acrylic Facemounts

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Our Facemount Acrylic offers a high-quality product at a competitive price. We start by printing the image on paper, then process the photo between acrylic and a rigid substrate. The outcome exudes a prestigious appearance, leaving price as only secondary in comparison. For those seeking a more upscale product, or looking to showcase images in a gallery, we suggest you look no further and explore the medium of the Facemount acrylic. Custom sizes available.

Backlit Acrylic

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We offer a few different Backlit Acrylic options. To begin, we take our acrylic panel and add a propriety method of lighting it from the backend. The end results are spectacular, adding an extra flare to your Acrylic Prints. Choose from our basic Acrylic Backlit that features an attractive 2-inch metal frame or go for all the bells and whistles with our wood frame backing. Our options include a dimmer remote that enables you to choose the degree of lighting you wish to see. Due to the specialty of the Backlit Acrylic, please call us for custom design and pricing.

Metal Prints

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When ordering our large metal prints you have a multitude of choices. From brushed or white metal, to different display options, plus the additional feature varnishing, which creates a polished and scratch resistant surface. Leave areas in your photo white and see the brushed metal in its original state. Brush metal is a more matted look while white metal offers amazing color contrast. Metal prints can survive the harshest weather conditions as well, creating the option for outdoor decor.

Fabric Products

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A do it yourself solution. The Fabric and frame arrive unassembled yet are engineered for an easy construction. We use the sublimation process to print your photo onto Fabric, which results in deep, lively colors. The Fabric option is cost effective on shipping, especially for large sizing. It truly sparkles with the 2-inch metallic frame that is seen from the side. Very chic. The Silicon edge makes it a breeze to install the Fabric. A great idea for offices, trade shows, and anywhere else where there is need for a large print at economic pricing.

Backlit Fabrics

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Backlit fabric features outstanding dense color consistency when printed. When the Fabric is put onto a backlit frame the illumination brings it to life! Silicone edges makes it easy to install on the frame which are available in 2 – 4 inches. Order one frame, yet have the availability to order a multitude of Fabric Prints to change and re-arrange whenever you would like. An excellent idea for interior décor or to exhibit graphics for office, retail or establishment.

Metal Sublimation Prints

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Unlike our other mediums where the image is transformed into a pixel style surface, with our sublimated process the ink is vaporized into the surface itself. Your images will never have a pixelation in it. This can be seen if you go within a couple of inches of your digital print.

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